Jewish Tour

Holocaust history in Transnistria. Life of Jewish community today.
Dear friends! In March 2015 we open the new itinerary connected with tragic destiny of Jews which lived in horrible time of Holocaust on the territory named from 1941 to1945 as governorate Transnistria which was created in accordance with German-Romanian treaty from 30th August 1941. Many soviet citizens of Jewish nationality from Bender, Dubasari, Tiraspol. Odessa and Chisinau unfortunately did not reach the bright day of Victory in May 1945. We suggest to all those who have interest for tragic history of Holocaust in this region of Europe and for modern life of Jewish community of Transnistria to participate in the following program:

Tour program:
  1. First day. City of Dubasari. Trip from Tiraspol to Dubasari (in the distance of 60 km from Tiraspol). Meeting with the head of Jewish community of Dubasari Ozias Ukstein. With him we visit place of ececution of 18 thousands Jews and jewish cemetry. Ozias Ustein tell about the history of Holocaust in Transnistria and about modern life of Jewish community in the city of Dubasari.
  2. Second day. City of Tiraspol. We visit Jewish charity and culture center «Hesed». Meeting with the head of center Anna Kondrashenko. Meeting with members of Jewish community. We visit the Holocaust museum situated in the center. We visit synagogue. We visit the monument for Holocaust victims in city of Bender.

! Request fort he tour should be sent 3 days before tour! We accept later requests as well, but they will be considered inividually.
!! Dear visitors, it is also possible to help Jewish communities in Dubasari and Tiraspol.

Tour costs:
  • 150€* - Offer for the group from 1 to 4 persons
  • 130€* - Offer for the group from 5 to 18 persons.
  • * - for 1 person.
In tour included:
  • Guiding.
  • Transport.
  • Hotel in Tiraspol (1 night).
Tour duration:
  • First Day, city of Dubasari: 4 hours.
  • Second Day, city of Tiraspol and city of Bender: 4 hours.