Russian course

We here at "Transnistria Tour" are excited to offer you a one in a lifetime opportunity to learn Russian from a local native speaker in Transnistria, a nation where 100% of population speaks Russian. The advantages of learning Russian in Transnistria are obvious. Citizens of Europe and the United States can come to Transnistria withou visa, and the local population is hospitable to and interested in international vistors from around the world, especially the proprietor of this website. Every course is designed to meet the needs and expectations of each individual student. One week, one month, one year, it's up to you. In addition, we have specially designed a 3-week-course to learn Russian. Details:

  1. This is individual course for 3 weeks in Educational Centre of Tiraspol.
  2. The course takes place in Tiraspol 5 times a week.
  3. One lesson (1 hour) costs 225 PMR-Rubel (it is 15€).
  4. The course is conducted by a professor from the State University of Transnistria.
  5. There are 3 educational programs: for beginners, advanced level 1 and advanced level 2.
  6. The whole educational materials can be copied for free.

The three week course is focused on the following areas of comprehension:

  • Essential Vocabulary.
  • Basic Russian Grammar.
  • Dialogues using Multimedia.
  • Russian through Songs.
  • Listening Comprehension.
  • Extemporaneous Speaking Practice in Real World Situation.

The professional and individualized approach that we offer will greatly contribute to your comprehension and bring it to a whole new level!

Come to Transnistria to study Russian!