If you are tired from noise and stress of European cities, welcome to Transnistrian village! You will feel the atmosphere of coziness and simplicity at a conventional peasant home. With Transnistrian peasants you will lift potatoes, feed animals, catch fish on Dnestr river, go mushrooming, degust homemade wine and compot (homemade juice), milk cows, ride horses. A lot of foot walking and water trips, rich Transnistrian sun and benevolent people are waiting for you. Come to Transnisnistrian village and you get a great charge of vivacity and optimism!

Tour program:
  1. Village homestays.
  2. Trekking and nature exploring: in the forest, on the river, in the fields.
  3. Shopping on the local market.
  4. Countryside food and degustation of home made wine.
  5. Help for the farmer in feeding animals and in the garden.
Tour costs: 60€*
  • * 1 day & 1 night for a person.
In tour included:
  • Accomodation.
  • Nutrition (breakfast, lunch, evening meal).
  • Transport (up to 4 persons).
Apart from tour:
  • Horse rides.
  • Shopping on markets.
Tour duration:
  • As desired.