Lenin-Land-Tour in 3 hours

15 Lenin-monuments in Transnistria in 3 hours

Dear friends! Lenin-Land-Tour is a unique offer of tourism project Transnistria Tour to visit 15 monuments for the leader of world´s proletariat Vladimir Lenin in Transnistrian cities and village within 3 hours.

We can organize transfer from Chisinau or Odessa for your participation in Lenin-Land-Tour in 3 hours (cost for transfer from Chisinau or Odessa is not included in the tour) or we can meet you in Tiraspol at your hotel. Tour begins at 9.30 o clock in the morning.

At your wish we can also visit during the Lenin-Land-Tour the monument for the author of the book on political economy “Capital” Karl Marx in one of the villages of Slobozia district.

Tour´s itinerary:
  1. Lenin in the village Parcani (1)
  2. Lenin in the city Bender (2)
  3. Lenin in the village Chitcani (1)
  4. Lenin in the village Sucleia (1)
  5. Lenin in city Slobozia (1)
  6. Lenin in the village Ciobruci (1)
  7. Lenin in the city Dnestrovsc (3)
  8. Lenin in the village Vladimirovca (1)
  9. Lenin in the village Nicolscoe (1)
  10. Lenin in the city Tiraspol (3)
Tour costs:
  • For 1 person: 110 euro.
  • For 2 persons: 120 euro.
  • For 3 persons : 130 euro.
  • For 4,5 and 6 persons: 35 euro for 1 person.
  • For more than 7 persons: 20 euro for 1person.
In tour included:
  • Guide.
  • Transport.
  • Opportunity to take pictures.
  • 3 hours.