Tour „Volga for two“

Dear friends!
Our great pleasure is to offer you a new entertaining „Volga for two“ tour within our project. This tour is a unique opportunity to make a time leap into the past using a real car! However it is not a time machine, but a soviet car “GAZ-21“ Volga, which was being produced from 1956 till 1970 at the car-making factory in Russian city Gorky (nowadays Nizhny Novgorod, Russia). GAZ-21 Volga is not just a car, it is the legend of the soviet car industry!

By a good weather we make a ride with the owner of “Volga” car of model from 1962 (nickname of this model is “whalebone”) Victor Semionovich to the village Ciobruci, 25 km to the east of Tiraspol. An interesting fact is that Viktor Semyonovich got this “Volga” as a present from mother Yekaterina Afanasyevna, who won this car in the Moldovan prize lottery, having bought the lucky ticket only for 30 Soviet kopecks!

The car trip Tiraspol-Ciobruci-Tiraspol itself takes about 50 minutes. We suggest also to make a little walk in the park of the village Ciobruci for about 30 minutes. In total tour takes about 1,5 hours.

Tour program:
  1. Meeting in city center of Tiraspol in front of the tank T-34 on the main street of 25th of October.
  2. Ride by car „Volga GAZ-21» (production year 1966) to the village Ciobruci. (about 30 minutes)
  3. Little walk in the park of the village Ciobruci. (about 30 minutes)
  4. Return rude by car „Volga GAZ-21» (production year1966) to Tiraspol. (about 30 minutes)
Tour costs:
  • 120€ for tour
Important information:
  1. Tour „Volga for two” is possible only by a good weather.
  2. Tour „Volga for two” is possible also for 1 and 3 persons, but not more than 3.
  3. During the tour our guide is with you, because the owner of Volga speaks only Russian.