Foody Tour

With great joy we inform you about the launch of the new unique Foody Tour in Transnistria,which was inspired and is being implemented by Smolenskaya Yana. The author of the Foody Tour is our old friend from Austria Kramar. Transnistria is an multinational republic, where Moldovans, Ukrainians , Russians, Bulgarians and representatives of other nationalities live. It has a doubtless impact on the diversity of our cuisine. We suggest the real Ukrainian borshch as main dish, because this beet-root soup is world-famed product. In order to make the borshch we can choose any kind of meat at your taste. Cooking the vegetarian borshch with beans is also possible.

We would like to ask you to order Foody Tour 3 days before the planed date!

Tour program:
  1. Meeting in Tiraspol by latest at 13 o clock afternoon.
  2. Buying necessary products on local market.
  3. Master class in cooking performed by Smolenskaya Yana.
  4. Tasting meal.
Tour costs:
  • 30€* - Offer for the group from 1 to 4 persons.
  • 20€* - Offer for the group from 5 to 18 persons.
  • * - for 1 person.
In tour included:
  • Guiding.
  • Product costs.
  • Public transport in Tiraspol.
  • Master class in cooking.
Tour duration:
  • 3-4 hours.

At your wish we can teach you how to make following dishes:
Russian cuisine: pelmeni, blini with different fillings, shchi.
Ukrainian cuisine: borshch, vareniki with different fillings.
Moldovan cuisine: zama, vine-leaf rolls with different fillings, placinte.

Make your own culinary experience in Transnistria!