Concert - Patriotic songs

Dear friends!
With great pleasure we would like to represent the unique authentic concert “Patriotic songs” in Transnistria, which can be ordered in any time of the year. We invite you to become spectator and listener of the one hour long concert in the music club in Tiraspol. The veterans of Transnistria represent the unique music program which consists of 17 songs.
Experience a part of Transnistrian soul through songs together with us!

Concert program:
  • Folk vocal band «Cheriomukcha» (since 1996 ) consisting of 14 performers under direction of Gubareva Irina sings the following songs:
    1. «Russia - My motherland»
    2. «My native land - Pridnestrovie»
    3. «There are celebrations in Pridnestrovie»
    4. «Amurs waves»
  • Folk vocal band «Rucheiok» (since 1994) consisting of 14 performers under direction of Akchmedov Stanislav sings the following songs:
    1. «Song about soldier»
    2. «My Pridnestrovie»
    3. «May waltz of 45»
    4. «La multi ani»
  • Folk vocal band «Tiras» (since 1997) consisting of 12 performers under direction of Osipov Vladimir sings the following songs:
    1. «The song about Soviet Army»
    2. «Veterans sitting together»
    3. «Moskva»
    4. «The Kosak raced through valley»
  • Folk chorus «Gvozdika» (since 1976) consisting of 25 performers under direction of Lebedeva Susanna sings the following songs:
    1. «Pridnestrovian land»
    2. «Smuglyanka»
    3. «The Steed»
    4. «In the chamber»
Prices & conditions:
  • 5€* - per 1 person
  • NB!: Minimal sum for conducting of concert: 150€
  • NB!: The request must be sent 3 days before the concert or earlier.
Duration of concert:
  • 1 hour

Bonus 1: Soviet song «Katyusha» performed by all bands.

Bonus 2: Photo with vets at the end of concert.