Excursion at fish farm in Tiraspol.

Dear friends! We invite you to visit the unique plant in Transnistria which grows sturgeon fish and produces natural black caviar from Russian sturgeon, beluga, sterlet and bester. The plant produces 500 tons fish annually. The fish factory is registered in the international organization CITES. Since 2011 it is the member of NACEE- Network of Aquaculture Centers in Central-Eastern Europe. Management system of the plant is certified by German certification organization TÜV THÜRINGEN according to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005.
During the tour you will see real Russian sturgeon, beluga, sterlet and bester in respective water pools. In our opinion the most exciting sight are huge belugas. They are really very big!

Tour program at the factory (1,5 hours):
  1. Incubation system.
  2. Growth module.
  3. Matural module.
  4. Prewinterting system.
  5. Wintering system.
  6. Belugas pools.
  • 35€* - Offer for the group from 1 to 5 persons.
  • 20€* - Offer for the group from 6 and more.
  • * for 1 person.
In tour included:
  • Guide and translator (from Russian into English).
  • Transfer in Tiraspol from hotel to factory and back to hotel.
  • Allowed are pictures of yourself and fish.
  1. Important: Send please your request for participation in sturgeon tour at least 2 days before tour.
  2. Important: It is forbidden to take photos of technological systems and sections.
Additional service: tasting of black caviar
  1. Tasting of black caviar per 10 gr.(sterlet & bester): 35€ for 1 person.
  2. Tasting of black caviar per 10 gr.(sterlet, bester, Russsian sturgeon): 50€ for 1 person.
  3. Tasting of black caviar per 10 gr.(sterlet & bester), 2 sorts of smoked & dried fish, 1 champagne bottle, cheese, water, coffee, tea: 60€ for 1 person.
  4. Tasting of 3 caviar sorts per 10 gr. and 100 gr.of smoke cured fish for a person, brandy, champagne, cheese, water, coffee, tea. To be ordered 10 days in advance: 80€ for 1 person.