Bicycle Tour

We offer you to combine the pleasant with the useful - to take part in a remarkable bicycle ride. You can choose to ride along cities of Tiraspol and Bendery, or to go out of town using one of the many possible routes. At your choice there are options of three-hour leisurely cycling or adventures for experienced enthusiasts stretching over 100 km. Fresh air, steppe wind, forest trails, halt by the river and exhilarating feeling of freedom - you will get all of these unique experiences by taking part in a bicycle tour.

If you choose to participate in a tour, we will lease you a modern bike and helmet. And our guide will accompany you during the tour, ready to provide technical service and first aid.

In addition to following standard tours there are many other options and itineraries, so you can draw up your journey considering your individual preferences. Including opportunities to combine a bicycle tour with any other tour from our range.

Tour Tiraspol - Kitskany:

Length of about 25 km, duration 2 hours. Complexity of the route is low, any person can take part, if has no medical contraindications to moderate exercise.

The route goes along the Dniester river, through Kitskansky monastery, Kitskansky bridgehead (the hill, from where one can observe Tiraspol, Bendery, Slobozia).

Tour costs:
  • 30€* - Offer for a group from 1 to 2 persons.
  • 25€* - Offer for a group from 3 persons.
  • * for a person.
In tour included:
  • Byke .