Rules and recommendations

Dear visitors!
In this unit we inform you about the rules at the Transnistrian border and staying in Transnistria:

Foreign tourists, which want to visit Transnistria, must cross the border only in international checkpoints:

  1. Kuchurgan-Pervomaysk (if you go from Odessa, Ukraine)
  2. Bender-Chisinau (if you go from Chisinau, Moldova)
  3. Dubassari-Chisinau (if you go from Chisinau, Moldova)
  4. Rabnita-Rezina (if you go from Rezina, Moldova)
  5. Camenca (if you go from Moldova or Ukraine)

The EU-and US-citizens have the right to visit Transnistria without visa.
The tourists which have the valid visa of Republic of Moldova can enter Transnistria according to this visa. After the Moldovan visa expired, you must leave Transnistria.

Important to know:

1. If you enter Transnistria by bus, you must fill in the migration card at the border.

  • The address of bus station in Chisinau is: str. Mitropolit Varlaam, 58. The buses go to Tiraspol every 30 minutes till 18 o clock evening.
  • The address of train station in Chisinau: str. Vlaicu Pîrcălab, 48.
  • The train Chisinau-Odessa departs at 07.30 in the morning. It arrives in Tiraspol at 09.40 in the morning.
  • The address of bus station in Odessa: ul. Colontayevskaya, 58. You should have a look at timetable in place.
  • The address of train station in Odessa: ploshad (square) Privokzalnaya, 2.
  • The train Odessa-Chisinau departs from Odessa at 16.48 in evening and arrives in Tiraspol 19.20 in the evening.

You receive the migration card FOR FREE and the registration at the border is FOR FREE as well. If somebody tries to tell you that this procedure is to be paid, do not believe it!!! The migration card can be filled in either in Russian or in English. Use capital letters!

After you filled in the migration card, pass it on to the border man. The upper part of the card is to be torn off by border man. The lower part of the card is to be stamped and given to you. Keep your migration card during your staying in Transnistria! Leaving Transnistria, pass your migration card on to the border men!

You can visit Transnistria shortly without having to be registered in migration department, if your staying will not last more than 10 hours. You must indicate in the migration card that you leave Transnistria on the same day. During this legal period (10 hours) you can participate in one of our tours! Leaving Transnistria pass on your migration card to border men.

If you intend to stay in Transnistria more than 10 hours, you should know the address of your staying in advance: this can be the address of the hotel or private appartment. Please write the address of your staying in the respective field of migration card.

On arrival in Tiraspol (or other city) you must be registered in the migration department of Transnistria. The address of migration department in Tiraspol is: uliza Kotovskogo 2А. If you will stay in the hotel, the administration will make the registration for you. (Exept for the hotel “Aist”. They give you the paper, which confirms your staying in the hotel, and you must go with this paper to migration department by yourself to make registration).

If you will live in a private appartment, the owner of the appartment must come personally with his/her Transnistrian passport for registration with you and your passport!!!

2. If you go by train to Tiraspol from Chisinau or Odessa, you must fill in the migration card right at the train station in the office of migration department of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Transnistria. You can read about the rules of staying and registration in context with time of staying above in details.

3. If you are citizen of EU or USA and cross the Transnistrian border with your own car, you must do the so called temporary importation of your vehicle in the customs of Transnistria for 60 days (apart from migration card). You use the customs forms of Transnistria. Each vehicle needs a separate customs declaration.

The customs form is to be filled in 2 copies. Apart from this you must show the following papers:

  • Technical certificate (registration certificate)
  • Travel passport

The customs officers of Transnistria estimates the market value of your car according to a special tariffs guide.

You pay 0,18% from the car value. Besides you pay 5 Euro tollage (for using Transnistrian roads).

You can pay for the customs procedures in Euro, US-Dollars, Ukranian Griwna, Moldovan Lei and Transnistrian Rubels.

You can download the customs form using the link:


  1. It is impossible to change Romanian Lei in Transnistria!!! We recommend you to have Moldovan, Euro, US-Dollars or Ukrainian Griwna! You can pay in Transnistria for services (restaurants, bars, transport) only in Transnistrian Rubels!
  2. We recommend you to have enough cash money, because the ATMs for Visacard и Mastercard are not to find in every corner! We recommend you to have maximum 50 Euro for one day. One average good meal costs about 4-5 Euro. Taxi in the city costs about 2 euro. One bottle of good brandy Kvint costs 6 euro.
  3. It is forbidden to take pictures of:
    - Building of Parliament and Government (red building behind Lenin monument in the city center)
    - KGB-building (there are respective signs in front of this building)
    - Checkpoints of Peace Forces and other military objects.
    It is allowed to take pictures of: monuments, houses, buildings of culture, roads, shops and other social objects.
  4. Do not drink alcoholic beverages in public!

Let us work together!