Dear friends!
Private limited company „Brewery from Bender” and tourism agency “Transnistria Tour” represent joint proposal for our guests from all over the world: “BEER-TOUR”. During this tour our visitors will have the unique opportunity to visit the first brewery of Transnistria and to taste 3 sorts of unfiltered beer under the brand “Old Fortress”: Classic, Original and Jubilee, which are prepared according to traditional soviet receipts.
The brewery was founded in the town of Bender in 1860. Main activities is production of beer, mineral water and non-alcoholic beverages. The brewery produced 1 million deciliter beer per year in soviet time. In 1984 the automatic filling line of Czech production was installed. This allowed to fill 24 thousands bottles per hour. Since 2006 the production is being modernized. Material conditions improve. 240 persons work at brewery.
The beer “Old Fortress” is being prepared from natural malt according to a special preservative-free technology with addition of hop and yeast without the use of stabilizers and flavor additives.
We invite you to visit the brewery from Bender and taste live unfiltered beer!

The enquiry must be sent at least 3 days before tour! Minimal number of participants: 2.

Photo and video is prohibited at brewery (for the purpose of preventing industrial espionage)! It is allowed to take pictures only at summer terrace during beer tasting.

Tour program:
  1. Transfer from Tirapsol to Bender brewery.
  2. Visiting brewhouse.
  3. Visiting fermenting department and store house.
  4. Visiting filtration department.
  5. Visiting blow department.
  6. Visiting filling department.
  7. Visiting department of end product.
  8. Tasting 3 sorts of unfiltered beer 250 g each at summer terrace (with peanuts).
  9. Transfer from Bender to Tiraspol.
Tour costs:
  • 50€* - Offer for the group from 2 to 3 persons
  • 35€* - Offer for the group from 4 persons.
  • * - for 1 person.
In tour included:
  • Guide of Transnistria Tour and guide of brewery.
  • Transfers Tiraspol-Bender-Tiraspol.
  • Tasting 3 sorts of unfiltered beer 250 g each.
Tour duration:
  • 2,5 hours.